Why do you feel the pulse on both wrists and look at my tongue?

Pulse: We are feeling different pulses to the standard radial pulse normally felt in western medicine. In TCM we feel six pulse positions, three on each wrist, and each position has three levels. Each level relates to a TCM organ system and can give us an indication as to your TCM diagnosis.

Tongue: We look at your tongue to again help us formulate your TCM diagnosis. We look for colour, coating, shape, thickness, different areas, moisture etc all, which can indicate various TCM patterns, which will help build your case and TCM diagnosis.

Other TCM diagnostics

Abdominal/Hara: We may also feel your abdomen, again to help build the overall case. We look for pain, tenderness, temperature, and skin changes and again specific areas relate to different organs.

Channel/Meridian palpation: We may palpate various channels/meridians to help determine where an imbalance may be.